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Car Insurance

Due to the high number of requests from our subscribers, we are going to be looking at car insurance quotes in South Africa in closer detail.

This has been a very highly anticipated topic to discuss due the nature of the industry and the fact that there are so many insurance companies competing for this market, that car insurance has become one the biggest online industries in South Africa.

If you look at car insurance in general, you see that that many people have insurance on their vehicles in South Africa and the latest figures we heard was in the line of 35% of drivers are insured. This is a shocking fact, due to the high number of accidents on our roads and with the fact that in case an accident do happen, then chances of the other driver having car insurance is very low.

That is why this is very important to have and for anyone out there reading this, be sure to explore that various options, to make the financial stress as less as possible and once you are ensured, you can drive with peace on the roads.

Once you do get vehicle finance on your vehicle, remember to have your insurance setup before you get in and take your first drive. We have heard allot of stories related to people that didn’t set that up beforehand and had a few surprises waiting for them. Rather be safe than sorry.

Car insurance is a booming market and we will be following the various companies closely and will be providing you with all the latest news and reviews related to the insurance as well as vehicle finance in South Africa.